Hey, I’m Looking To Learn.

My name is Varian and I have had a lot happen in the past year like many of you have. Over the past months I have lost people, found people and reconnected with parts of myself and the world that I have not accepted or opened up to for over a decade which leads me onto why I’m here.

The Little Guardian of my garden.

I came across this site literally 20 minutes ago and read a post by ‘Alythia of the Ash’ that for some reason made me want to ask questions that I can throw into the void, find people who have conflicting and parallel views to mine and maybe even make a friend or two while I’m here. I don’t know much about anything and I’m learning that more with each passing day but I know the things that I would like to find out more about, and that’s what I am here to ask anyone who reads this to help me with.

1. Herbology and Horticulture

2. History of Folklore and Spirituality

3. Finding a Community

I use illustration, book binding and general crafty means in order to make sense of the things I love and appreciate but at the same time I’m aware that these are all very… individual pursuits, I suppose. With that being the case it becomes hard to look outside of what is already known and comfortable since I am in the proverbial ‘Broom Closet’ and I’m really not sure when I’d be ready to leave it if at all with my life outside of the internet.

So, if you too are learning about magic, are experienced in any of the things that I have listed above, or just have a vague interest in things that are in this wheelhouse then feel free to shoot me a message, recommend a post or request one that you would like me to make. I will be making my first real post on the things I have learned about Ladybirds as a little show of appreciation for them, and to maybe inspire a little love for them in you too!

Thanks for taking the time and I wish you a lovely day.

Born into spirituality and quickly lost touch but now finding my feet in magic, history and herbs.